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Voice of English

To speak like a native speaker what is required is: the muscles of your mouth and face must move faster with flexibility. In order to achieve this we at "The Western Speaker" have come up with the following techniques that are covered in this section.

By end of this section you can feel yourself that the muscles of your mouth and face move in a flexible easy manner while pronouncing these words⁄phrases.

General Questions

To speak English like a native speaker, there are many spoken English strategies available with us. The strategy of conversation between you and your partner is one among them and is considered as the effective way of improving fluency.

In this section, you can kick start conversation in English between you and your partner by exchanging general questions with your partner and get answers from him or her, and vice-versa.

Western tongue-twister

What is the best strategyor tool to speak like a native speaker? And what is the key to perfect pronunciation of English? The answer is: practicing tongue-twister| Tongue twister helps to develop your pronunciation clearer by practicing it repeatedly. And by end of this section, you can see for yourself that you have developed more flexibility of your tongue, mind rhythm and breath control while practicing the western tongue twisters.


We have developed situational conversations in both formal and informal contexts. In this section, you can kick strait formal and informal conversations based on our situational conversations with many common phrases. According to the statistics of linguistics, most of us are familiar only with many words, not phrases and this makes you struggle speaking in English. Hence you need to well verse with common phrases to speak English uninterruptedly. Our situational conversations strategy uses many common phrases. Situational conversation is one of the best practice tools to effectively speak in English. And it is recommended that you practice few conversations at a time.

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